The Student Governmental Affairs Program is an interactive teaching aid that goes beyond the textbook instruction of government, civics and social studies. The program involves students in the organization and practices of the federal government, informs them about current legislation, encourages discussion of these issues and motivates them to express their opinions to their elected officials in Washington, DC. The result is a reduction of apathy among America's students and the knowledge that responsible citizenship involves active participation. We believe the best way to ensure students will be politically active throughout their lives is to get them involved and to spark their interest now.

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The Program

Every month during the school year, students receive The Student Forum, a legislative newsletter containing nonpartisan, non-political, factual information about issues under discussion in Congress.  The highlighted topics are geared to the interests of teenagers and are age-appropriate in both the material presented and writing style. This approach allows students to understand the background and implications of proposed legislation should it be enacted into law. They can then discuss the issues and form their own opinions. A ballot is included with the newsletter, allowing students to express these opinions to their elected congressional representative. Everything the instructor needs to present the material and encourage involvement is included in the monthly mailing.

In addition to The Student Forum, each semester students receive a copy of America's Legacy, The Foundation of Freedom, a book of historical documents beginning before the U.S. became a nation and continuing through the events of September 11, 2001. Simple introductions make it clear why these documents and speeches are significant to our history.

Instructors receive several reference guides for their classrooms. These include a directory of all members of the current Congress, and a complete record of votes on major legislation of the previous session. The S-GAP website is also the gateway to a wealth of information on the federal government and proposed legislation.

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The Student Governmental Affairs Program was founded in 1992 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It has grown steadily since that time and currently provides instructional materials to almost 300,000 public and private school students per year in all 50 states. This program is highly praised by students, educators, school administrators, civic and business leaders, and legislators across the country for the unique approach it takes to government education.

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