Trivia Answers for May 2019 Issues

Apr 18, 2019 | Trivia Answers

Green New Deal

1.   The primary climate-change goal of the Green New Deal is to reach net-zero greenhouse emissions in a decade. This means there would be no greenhouse gas emissions at all in 10 years.
a)  True
b)  False

2.    In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded in a report that in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels—and thereby avoid many climate change impacts—the world would have to reach net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide by the year __________.
a)  2030
b)  2050
c)  2070

3.    Who introduced their own version of a “Green New Deal” and in what year?
a)  Hillary Clinton, 1999
b)  Barack Obama, 2010
 c)  Jill Stein, 2012

4.    What is the name of the youth-led organization that advocates for a Green New Deal in Congress?
a)  Youth for Environmental Action
 b)  Sunrise Movement
c)  Champions for Climate


Capitalism v. Socialism

1.  The Laffer Curve is the theory that lower tax rates boost economic growth.
 a)  True
b)  False

2.    In which of the following economic systems are factors of production owned by individuals?
a)  Capitalism
b)  Socialism
c)  Fascism
  d)  Both A and C

3.    Which is not a characteristic of capitalism?
a)  Free-market economy
 b)  Income equality
c)  Supply and demand
d)  Profit motive

4.    The mantra of which economic system is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution?”
a)  Communism
 b)  Socialism
c)  Fascism

5.    In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friederich Engels outlined the characteristics of communism, which did not include _________.
a) Abolition of property
b) Abolition of right of inheritance
     c) Abolition of command economy