Research Links & Critical Thinking Questions for September 2018 Topics

Aug 17, 2018 | Ideas For Teachers


Issue 1: Supreme Court About the U.S. Supreme Court   
Georgetown University: Supreme Court Nomination and Confirmation Process
Supreme Court Historical Society: How the Court Works Landmark Cases of the U.S. Supreme Court 
NYT: “10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know” 
CNN: “Where Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Stands on the Issues”  

Issue 2: Bullying Laws List of State Laws on Bullying
Text of Pennsylvania State Rep. Frank Burns’ House Bill 2217
Bully Police USA: Watchdog Reporting on State Anti-Bullying Laws 
Huffington Post OpEd: “Why Criminalizing Bullying Is the Wrong Approach” 
Crisis Prevention Institute: 5 School Bullying Misperceptions
Psychology Today OpEd: “Anti-Bullying Laws Punish the Tax Payer” Cyberbullying Statistics


Issue 1:  Supreme Court

  1. Do you think Supreme Court justices should take an active role in politics? Why or why not?
  2. What defines a “conservative” or “liberal” Supreme Court justice?
  3. What is a justice’s responsibility when their personal opinions are in conflict with the rule of law in a case?
  4. Should the people be allowed to approve Supreme Court appointments instead of, or in addition to, the U.S. Senate? Why or why not?
  5. Read the “10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know” article (link above) and explain how the Supreme Court affects your life personally?

Issue 2: Bullying Laws

  1. Do you think parents should be fined if their child bullies? Why or why not?
  2. What kind of interventions can young people use to prevent or stop bullying? List three things you could do to defuse a bullying situation.
  3. Do you think you’ve ever bullied someone? If so, why? What made you stop or continue to bully?
  4. Do you think bullying is a serious problem in your school? Why or why not?
  5. What can be done to make schools safer and more inclusive?