Ideas for Teachers/Critical-Thinking Questions – March 2016

Feb 26, 2016 | Ideas For Teachers

LINKS Presidential Authority Brookings Institution Constitution Daily Cornell University Law School Smithsonian Magazine New York Times HowStuffWorks Washington Examiner Campaign Finance New York Times Federal Election Commission Federal Election Commission (Links) S.1480 Open Secrets (2008 Election) Open Secrets 2 (Links) WNYC Radio CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS Presidential Authority 1. Was President Obama’s executive order on immigration similar to those of other presidents? 2. Should the Constitution have different or clearer guidelines for what a president can and cannot do? 3. Did President Obama act illegally by unilaterally making broad changes to the immigration system without the consent of Congress? 4. How do you think the Supreme Court will rule as far as whether Obama’s executive orders on immigration were unconstitutional? 5. Where in the Constitution do presidents draw their authority? Campaign Finance 1. Is our current system of campaign finance in need of reform? Why or why not? 2. Should our campaign finance system be public rather than private? 3. How would you change campaign contribution laws? 4. Do the wealthy have too much control over election outcomes? 5. Is your right to spend your money how you choose part of your right to free speech, or not?