Ideas for Teachers/Critical-Thinking Questions – April 2016

Mar 22, 2016 | Ideas For Teachers

LINKS Apple vs. FBI Los Angeles Times Washington Post USA Today Washington Post (hearing recap) CNN NPR Guantanamo Bay White House Remarks Politico CNN The Hill Wikipedia The Atlantic CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS Apple vs. FBI 1. Though the Fourth Amendment was penned in the eighteenth century, should we interpret it to also safeguard citizens’ digital privacy? 2. Do you believe that the FBI has met the conditions set forth in the Fourth Amendment? Why or why not? 3. Should there be a balance between liberty and security? 4. Are there times in which the Constitution and individual rights should be overlooked in order to maintain safety? 5. Should Apple comply with the order and create a new operating system and hand over their master key (private electronic signature)? What are the consequences if they do so? Guantanamo Bay 1. Do you believe detaining prisoners at Guantanamo Bay endangers their civil liberties? 2. What rights of the prisoners (they are neither POWs nor convicted criminals) were violated, if any? 3. Would bringing the prisoners to the U.S. be a bad idea? Why or why not? 4. Should everybody be considered innocent until proven guilty? 5. Why is Guantanamo Bay considered the “legal equivalent of outer space?”