Trivia Answers – October 2017 Newsletter

Sep 20, 2017 | Trivia Answers

War in Afghanistan

1. Since 2002, Congress has appropriated more than ____ for Afghanistan’s reconstruction, representing the largest expenditure to rebuild a country in the United States’ history. a.    $30 billion b.    $117 billion c.    $1.4 trillion 2. According to the CIA’s World Factbook, the population of Afghanistan is around ____ as of 2016 and the country is slightly smaller in size than which U.S. state? a.    33 million, Texas b.    24 million, Kansas c.    49 million, Oregon 3. What is the name of the largest city and capital of Afghanistan? a.    Damascus b.    Islamabad c.    Kabul 4. Which ethnic group is the largest in Afghanistan? a.    Uzbek b.    Pashtun c.     Shia d.    Sunni

Surveillance Law

1. Which of the following was not cited among the constitutional rights concerns in the 2014 Report on Section 702 Surveillance by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board? a. Number of U.S. citizens whose communications have been collected by the NSA is unknown and likely vast b. NSA’s practice of sharing any evidence of U.S. citizens’ criminal behaviorwith the FBI c. NSA’s use of “about” collection of U.S. persons’ communications that aren’t to or from a foreign target d. NSA’s querying of the information collected to search the communications of specific U.S. persons 2. Which U.S. service providers participate in the NSA’s PRISM program, which collects users’ emails and other personal data directly from their servers? a. Google and YouTube b. Apple and Microsoft c. Facebook, Yahoo and Skype d. All of the above 3.  Data collected under PRISM is an example of “upstream” collection. a.     True b.     False 4. What is the name of the intelligence-sharing agreement the United States has with other nations, including the United Kingdom and Canada? a.     Boundless Informant b.     Five Eyes c.     Optic Nerve