Trivia Answers – May 2017 Newsletter

Apr 20, 2017 | Trivia Answers


1. During the U.S. missile strike, 59 _____ cruise missiles were launched from the guided-missile destroyers USS Ross and Porter in the eastern Mediterranean. a.  Harpoon b.  Tomahawk c.  Javelin 2. The airfield that was targeted in the U.S. missile strike is near which city in Syria? a.  Aleppo b.  Damascus c.  Hom 3. The missile strike carried out by the Trump administration marks a significant shift in U.S. relations with Syria from the Obama administration. a.  True b.  False 4.  The first large-scale use of chemical weapons was during World War II. a.  True b.  False


1. The federal minimum wage for tipped workers is ____ an hour and hasn’t been raised since 1991. a.  $2.13 b.  $4.02 c.  $5.45 2. Opponents of raising the minimum wage say because of the law of ____, some workers will lose their jobs or have their hours cut if businesses are forced to pay them more. a.  diminishing returns b.  supply and demand c.  lean manufacturing 3. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly a quarter (24%) of people at or below the federal minimum wage are teenagers (ages 16 to 19), as of 2013. a.  True b.  False 4. In 2012, the richest 1% of the U.S. population earned 22.83% of the nation’s income, resulting in the widest gap between the rich and the poor since the 1920s. a.  True b.  False