Trivia Answers – March 2017 Issue

Feb 20, 2017 | Trivia Answers

Sanctuary Cities

1.  Which states have the largest populations of unauthorized immigrants? a.   New York, California and Texas b.   Texas, Florida and California c.   New York, New Jersey and Texas 2. In sanctuary cities, undocumented immigrants are pursued for any criminal acts they commit, except for being undocumented. a.   True  b.   False 3. Nationally, unauthorized immigrants made up ___% of the total population in 2014. a.   3.5% b.   5.2% c.   7.9% 4. Which Founding Father was born in the West Indies? a.   George Washington b.   Thomas Jefferson c.   Alexander Hamilton


1.  The REINS Act would require Congress to affirm major federal rules with an economic impact of ____ or more. a.   $1 million b.   $100 million c.   $1 billion 2. Currently, Congress does not have the power to stop regulations if circumstances dictate. a.   True b.   False 3. The REINS Act requires that any future major regulation adopted by an agency must be approved by a specific resolution in each house of Congress within ___days to take effect. a.   70 days b.   90 days c.   6 months