Trivia Answers – April 2016

Mar 22, 2016 | Trivia Answers

Apple v. FBI 1. Which of the following technology leaders have publicly supported Apple’s position? a. Sundar Pichai – Google CEO b. Bill Gates – Microsoft Co-Founder c. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook CEO d. A and C e. All of the Above 2. Which founding document did the federal judge in California cite to justify ordering Apple to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist? a. Bill of Rights b. Declaration of Independence c. Fourth Amendment, U.S. Constitution d. All Writs Act of 1789 3. Which amendment of the U.S. Constitution do privacy advocates point to? a. First Amendment b. Second Amendment c. Eighth Amendment d. Ninth Amendment Guantanamo Bay 1. In what year did President Obama signed into law legislation that barred any spending on transferring detainees to the U.S.? a. 2009 b. 2010 c. 2011 d. 2013 2. Closure of the facility will save taxpayers $1.7 billion over ___ years. a. 8 years b. 10 years c. 20 years 3. In what year did the United States originally lease from Cuba the 45 square miles of land and water at Guantanamo Bay? a. 1903 b. 1952 c. 1988 d. 2002