Research Links and Discussion Questions for May 2022 Topics

Apr 22, 2022 | Ideas For Teachers


Issue 1: Energy Independence H.R.6858 “American Energy Independence from Russia Act” S.3752 “American Energy Independence from Russia Act”
Politico: “Republicans Seize on Ukraine to Attack Biden’s Climate Policies”
NBC News: “Republicans Cheer Russian Oil Ban, Jeer Biden for Rising Prices”
League of Conservation Voters: “Clean Energy Is Key to Energy Independence”
Center for American Progress: “U.S. Can’t Drill Its Way to Energy Independence”

Issue 2: CROWN Act H.R.2116 “Creating Respectful and Open World Natural Hair Act”
NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund: “Natural Hair Discrimination”
NPR: “House passes CROWN Act banning discrimination on race-based hairdos”
American Bar Association: “Is Hair Discrimination Race Discrimination?” “Official Campaign of CROWN Act Led by CROWN Coalition”
Washington Post: “House Passes Crown Act, Banning Discrimination Black Hair”


Issue 1: Energy Independence
1. Why would a country want to achieve energy independence? What are the benefits?
2. Which approach should be at the heart of U.S. national energy policy—increasing energy production domestically or shifting the emphasis to renewable energy resources such as wind and solar? Outline the reasons for your answer.
3. What should the United States do about climate change? Should it adopt strong policies to reduce the use of fossil fuels? Or should it encourage more research and hold off on adopting strict requirements for now? Why?
4. Will rising U.S. oil and gas production change U.S. relationships with major oil- and gas-producing countries, and if so, how?
5. Would a shift to renewable energy or electric vehicles introduce new security vulnerabilities? Why or why not?

Issue 2: CROWN Act
1. How has European imperialism and colonialism influenced global beauty standards over time? Are those standards now changing?An elegantly dressed Black businesswoman wears braided hair.
2. What kind of hair did you want as a child? What kind of hair do you want now? Has that changed?
3. Actress Tracie Thoms says, “It’s amazing that it is considered revolutionary to wear my hair the way it grows out of my head.” She describes natural hair as “freedom.” Do you think that not wearing make-up or not shaving is similarly “revolutionary” or “freeing?” Why or why not?
4. Does a person’s hair or hairstyle impact their personal brand, career advancement and/or job performance? Why or why not?
5. How does societal acceptance of a person’s natural hair texture affect their identity and self-esteem?