Research Links and Discussion Questions for February 2021 Topics

Jan 18, 2021 | Ideas For Teachers


Issue 1: Paris Climate Agreement
White House: “Statement by President Trump on the Paris Climate Accord” (6/2017)    
Biden Campaign Site: “Biden’s Clean Energy Plan” 
United Nations Foundation: “7 Reasons U.S. Needs the Paris Climate Agreement”
Climate Action Tracker  
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions: “Paris Climate Agreement Q&A”
Fox News OpEd: “Biden wants to rejoin the Paris Accord. Why? It puts America last.”

Issue 2: Dream Act “H.R. 6: American Dream and Promise Act of 2019”
Daily Caller OpEd: “Why I Oppose the Dream Act” 
Chicago Tribune Column: “Dreamers are still waiting for their nightmare to end” 
Press Democrat OpEd: “A New Year’s Resolution for Congress – Pass the Dream Act” 
Business Standard: “Google Backs Biden’s Immigration Efforts”
Between the Lines OpEd: “Immigration Reform Under Biden to Face Challenges” 


Issue 1: Paris Climate Agreement

  1. What is your position on climate change? Do you think it is caused by human activity or not? Outline your arguments and defend your position.
  2. Compare and contrast the pro/con congressional quotes on p. 3 of the newsletter. Whose opinion do you agree with the most, and why?
  3. Do you support the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement? Why or why not?
  4. According to studies, disputes over the key scientific facts of global warming are more prevalent in the U.S. than globally. Why do you think this is so?
  5. Read the Fox News OpEd (link above). Do you agree or disagree with the assertions made in the article? Why?

Issue 2: Dream Act

  1. What do you think the U.S. government should do to address the legal status of undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children?
  2. Who are the Dreamers? What requirements must they meet to be eligible for citizenship under the Dream Act?
  3. What is the most compelling argument to pass the Dream Act? What is the most convincing reason not to?
  4. Should the president have the power to enact a program like DACA if Congress refuses to pass the Dream Act? Why or why not?
  5. What solutions might students offer legislators when considering the futures of young people brought to the country as children?