Research Links and Critical Thinking Questions for December 2019 Issues

Nov 19, 2019 | Ideas For Teachers


Issue 1: Cryptocurrency H.R.4813 “Keep Big Tech Out of Finance Act”
Facebook Newsroom: Calibra Wallet/Libra Currency Press Release “Cryptocurrency Pros and Cons” “Should Private Companies Be Able to Create Currency?” “Facebook CEO to Testify Before Financial Services Committee” “Lowlighhs from Zuckerberg’s Libra Testimony in Congress”

Issue 2: Subminimum Wage
Department of Labor: “Employment of Workers with Disabilities at Subminimum Wage”
National Conference of State Legislatures: “States Weigh Options – Subminimum Wage” “H.R.873 – Transformation to Competitive Employment Act”
Disability Scoop: “Lawmakers Call for End of Subminimum Wage”
Forbes: “The Truth of Disability Employment That No One Talks About” “Minimum-Wage Bill Ends Low Pay for Workers with Disabilities”
American Community Survey Disability Statistics, National and by State


Issue 1: Cryptocurrency

  1. Read the text of H.R.4813 “Keep Big Tech Out of Finance Act” (link above). Is this bill the right solution? What alternative solution(s) might you propose?
  2. Should private companies like Facebook be allowed to create their own cryptocurrency? Why or why not?
  3. Compare and contrast the pro and con arguments in the “Cryptocurrency Pros and Cons” (link above). Do you think the benefits of cryptocurrency outweigh the drawbacks? Why or why not?
  4. What is your opinion of Facebook’s intention to headquarter the Libra Association in Switzerland? Do you think it should be headquartered in the U.S.? Why or why not?
  5. Read the cryptocurrency “pro” and “con” quotes on p. 3. Whose opinion to you agree with more and why?

Issue 2: Subminimum Wage

  1. Do you think the current law that allows disabled people to be paid a wage below the national minimum wage is fair? Why or why not?
  2. Some employers with 14(c) certificates separate disabled workers from other workers. How might this practice affect disabled workers psychologically?
  3. Why do you think that people with disabilities are the only population that can be paid less than the minimum wage and it’s seen as acceptable?
  4. Do you think the decision on whether to allow employers to pay a subminimum wage to disabled workers should be made at the federal or state level? Why?
  5. Read the text of the bill H.R.873 or “Transformation to Competitive Employment Act.” Do you feel this is the best solution to resolve the subminimum wage issue? Why or why not?