Ideas for Teachers – May 2014

Jun 3, 2014 | Ideas For Teachers

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Gun-Free School Zones

Photo IDs for Voters

The links above are to established, peer reviewed journals. Peer reviews are the evaluations of work by professional journalists who hold other journalists to standards of truth-in-reporting. SGAP makes a concerted effort to provide links to reliable sources, and to provide links to a balance of left-leaning and right-leaning publications. The links have been shortened for your convenience.


Issue #1 – Gun-Free School Zones

Should Congress pass a law doing away with gun-free school zones?

  1. Do you think gun-free school zones make students safer or more vulnerable to attack?
  2. Would you feel safer if an adult at your school was trained to carry a firearm?
  3. List ways that would help reduce violence on school campuses.

Issue #2 – Photo IDs for Voters

Should voters be required to present a photo ID at the polls?

  1. Do you think a photo ID requirement would keep people from voting? If so, what would you do about that?
  2. Should the federal government help less capable citizens acquire photo ID documents?
  3. Do you think voters should have to prove they are U.S. citizens?

Results of last issue’s poll

Should Congress do more to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine?

Yes No Undecided
40% 42% 18%

Should the American Gray Wolf be removed from the Endangered Species List?

Yes No Undecided
38% 49% 13%